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Haunted House - The Exorcism

In the spectral Villa Rinaldi, a bricked-up room has been discovered… there, the soul of the little Clara fights against Evil… Will you manage to restore her peace, or will you too be damned forever?


2 players 3 players From 4 to 8 players
50 euro
60 euro
18 euro per person

How to book

Attention: You’ll find available time slots after midnight by selecting the following day on the calendar. For example: Want to play on Friday at 12:45 AM? You’ll find it on the calendar under Saturday as the first time slot at the top of the list (if available).

Matinée: Morning and early afternoon games, if not available on the calendar, can be booked by phone at +39.3493780425 or  whatsapp.



Difficulty 4/5

60 minutes

2-8 players


Reduced mobility


2 players 3 players from 4 to 8 players
50 euro
60 euro
18 euro a persona

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Haunted House: The Exorcism

In a ghostly villa, there is a bricked-up room: the soul of young Clara battles against Evil.

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